Heritage designation for site of Preston Springs Hotel removed by Cambridge

The Preston Springs Hotel was torn down in 2020.. Kevin Nielsen / Global News

The heritage designation for the site of the former Preston Springs Hotel was lifted by Cambridge city council on Tuesday night.

A release from the city said that the decision to remove the designation “is the first step in helping to facilitate the next chapter of this prominent property in the Preston community.”

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The building was torn down by order of the city in December 2020 after the grand old hotel had been boarded up and allowed to sink into decay for decades.

The release noted that there were issues of vandalism and trespassing at the site.

“Cambridge is a city rich with history and architecture. It is always preferable from the City’s perspective to work with private owners to preserve our past and to respect heritage designations,” the release said.

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“In this case, this was not the outcome for Preston Springs however, by repealing the heritage designation on the property, Council is helping to facilitate the next chapter of such an important location in the Preston community of Cambridge.”

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