Young Ontario rapper spreading positivity: ‘It’s a passion’

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Young Rapper
6 Year Old Tessa Gleeson wants to add positivity to the world through her music – Sep 16, 2022

Tessa Gleeson is a young rapper out of Gananoque, Ont. What makes the young artist, who goes by the rap name “Paige Lucy” stand out from her peers — other than her age — is her focus on positivity in her lyrics.

The six year old’s father Mike Gleeson said, “it’s a passion, she likes to spread the message of love and care.”

As for what inspired her to start rapping, well the word-smith only had one word: “Daddy. Daddy made a song and I rapped.”

Mike, a musician himself, said the music came naturally to little Tessa: “I play a lot of acoustic guitar, and sometimes she just likes to hum in the background and do some beat boxing.”

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She’s already recorded multiple songs on her YouTube channel, and was even featured on American radio station Shade 45. It was a moment that made Mike very happy.  “Hearing my daughter on one of the most popular radio stations in North America made my heart melt.”

And while her father produces and writes, there’s no question about who the boss is. “She’s always the boss, and when she say’s it’s done, we’re done,” Mike said.

Neither of them know what the future holds, but they are enjoying the ride while it lasts.

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