Kitchener Rangers deal defected first-round pick to Sudbury Wolves

The Kitchener Rangers have dealt their 2022 first-round pick Michael Hage to the Sudbury Wolves for a fourth-round pick in 2025 as well as two other conditional picks.

As the team had also declared Hage to be defected, the deal will also net the Rangers a compensatory first-round pick in next year’s draft.

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“This was a difficult decision but ultimately we felt it was in the best interest of the organization to get a first-round compensation pick, a guaranteed fourth-round pick as well as additional conditional picks, should Michael ever play in the OHL,” Rangers general manager Mike McKenzie said.

“At the time of the draft we felt we made the best decision but as time goes on every situation changes and right now we have assessed all the information and have come to the conclusion that presently, this is what’s best for our hockey club.”

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OHL rules state that if a player is declared defected and traded by Sept. 15, the team will get to pick one slot later than where they drafted the defected player. As the Niagara Falls IceDogs also had a defected player, the Rangers will get the 11th pick in the 2023 draft.

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“This decision gives us extreme flexibility this season and also sets us up well and provides flexibility in future seasons,” McKenzie said.

If Hage were to ever suit up for Sudbury, Kitchener would also receive third- and fourth-round picks in future drafts as compensation.

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