‘No evidence’ of hydrocarbon spill on Glenmore Reservoir: City of Calgary

Calgary Fire Department hazardous materials team is pictured at the Glenmore Reservoir on Aug. 25, 2022, following reports of a hydrocarbon spill. Global News

Analysis of water from Calgary’s drinking reservoir revealed “no evidence of a spill of oil or hydrocarbon, or any other concerning element” the day after hazardous materials teams attended reports of a hydrocarbon spill in Glenmore Reservoir Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, the City of Calgary said the investigation and water sampling analysis showed the water was clean of those elements.

“All other water quality parameters tested were typical of the source water from the Glenmore Reservoir,” a city statement said.

Under some lighting conditions, a “sheen” on the water – often associated with a hydrocarbon spill – can be the result of natural causes like pollen or dust, the city said.

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The City of Calgary’s Glenmore Boat Patrol reported a spill just after noon Thursday. The Calgary Fire Department’s hazmat team attended the scene shortly after.

The Glenmore Reservoir and dam were created on the Elbow River to provide Calgary with drinking water.

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