Dozens of late entries into Kitchener, Waterloo municipal elections

A vote sign is displayed outside a polling station during advanced voting in the Ontario provincial election in Carleton Place, Ont., on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

A week ago, the mayoral races in Kitchener and Waterloo looked to be ho-hum events as there was only one candidate in Waterloo and one challenger to Berry Vrbanovic in Kitchener, but oh how things have changed.

Over the past week, Dorothy McCabe, Kypp Saunders and Rob Evans joined Shannon Weber in the Waterloo race to replace outgoing Mayor Dave Jaworsky in Waterloo.

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Meanwhile, in Kitchener, it has become a five-way race with Val Neekman, Rehman-Ullah Kahn and Milos Sokollu Posavljak entering the fray alongside Manikantan Nair as challengers to Vrbanovic.

There were new candidates declaring in nearly every race across the two cities, including for regional chair as Karen Redman now faces challenges from Narine Dat Sookram and Brendon John Da Costa.

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Below is an unofficial list of the candidates for the 2022 Kitchener and Waterloo municipal elections as posted to the city’s websites (x denotes incumbent):

Kitchener mayor
Rehman-Ullah Kahn
Manikantan Nair
Val Neekman
Milos Sokollu Posavljak
Berry Vrbanovic x

Kitchener Ward 1
Alan Becirevic
Scott Davey x
Prashant Deol
Simon Guthrie

Kitchener Ward 2
Derrick Rabethge
Dave Schnider x
Asher Shazad

Kitchener Ward 3
Rosanne Berwick x
Jason Denault
Matthew Griffin
Devon Harnarian
Marijo Howard
Bryan Richardson

Kitchener Ward 4
Ali Akbar
Christine Michaud
John Vandonk

Kitchener Ward 5
Ajmer Mandur
John Massimi
Farah Muhammad
Naveed Najmuddin
Ayo Owodunni

Kitchener Ward 6
Anwar Arkani
Paul Singh

Kitchener Ward 7
Bill Ioannidis
Colin Maley
Kevin Mcrea

Kitchener Ward 8
Aleena Aftab
Margaret Johnston x

Kitchener Ward 9
Debbie Chapman x
David Redman
Brooklin Wallis
Alex Shevchenko
Beth Warren

Kitchener Ward 10
Aislinn Clancy
Peter Davis
Daniel Fife
Stephanie Stretch
Lana Hiscock
Phong Tran

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Waterloo regional chair
Karen Redman x
Narine Dat Sookram
Brendon John Da Costa

Waterloo regional councillor Kitchener (four elected)
Heather Caron
Robert Deutschmann
Joe Gowing
Mac Graham
Michael Harris x
Mary Heinen Thorn
Tom Hillier
Colleen James
Soo Bok Lee
Duncan Maclean
Michael Parkinson
Iffat Sultana Riasat
Matt Rodrigues
Kari Williams

WRDSB trustees Kitchener (four elected)
Stephen Adaran
Barb Chrysler
Claus Derisma
Julia Dunham
Ahmed Kassad
David Kuhn
Natasha Miklos
Jeff Musgrave
Maedith Radlein
Mike Ramsey x
Rachel Liley
Natasha Rolleman
Tara Ross
Laurie Tremble x
Meena Waseem
Joanne Weston x

WCDSB trustees Kitchener/Wilmot (four elected)
Wendy Ashby
Simone Beaucage
Kathy Doherty-Masters
Dasiusz Grabka
Renee Kraft
Julie Molenaar
Tracy Weiler x
Hadembes Yebetit

Waterloo mayor
Shannon Weber
Dorothy McCabe
Kypp Saunders
Rob Evans

Waterloo Ward 1
Sandra Hanmer x
Robert Parent

Waterloo Ward 2
Royce Bodaly x
Khaled Berbash
Shaheen Mujahid

Waterloo Ward 3
Hans Roach
Madelaine Steiss

Waterloo Ward 4
Dianne Freeman x
Obinna Obi
Maryssa Barras

Waterloo Ward 5

Jen Vasic x
Blayr Hogg
Bob (Obie) Oberholtzer
Joe Brenner

Waterloo Ward 6
Matthew Nicholas Schwarze
Karen Fischer
Jonathan Cassels
Mary Lou Roe

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Waterloo Ward 7
Julie Wright
Bruce Polan

Regional councillors Waterloo (two to be elected)
Jim Erb x
John Vieth
Peter Neufeld
Mark Fisher
Gord Greavette
Jim Bolger
Cindy Watkin
Chantal Huinink
James Ball
Ryan Keating

WRDSB trustees Waterloo / Wilmot (three to be elected)
Scott Piatkowski x
George Schmidt
Martin Mirt
Cristina Bairos-Fernandes
Marie Snyder
Kathleen Woodcock x
Franklin Ramsoomair
Wendy Woodhall
Madan Dheer
Alisa McClurg

WCDSB Waterloo / Wellesley / Woolwich (two to be elected)
Conrad Stanley
Linda Cuff
Sally Fuentes
Nike Datani

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