Nova Scotia candidates hope to use campaign signs again

HALIFAX – As Nova Scotia politicians put their signs into storage after the election, some are hopeful they’ll get to use them in future campaigns.

PC Candidate Irvine Carvery had about 250 signs out, but now they’re stored in his garage.

“These signs are going to be back up when the next election is called, and hopefully with better results next time,” said Carvery, who lost to Liberal candidate Lena Diab.

Liberal candidate Chris Poole, who ran and lost against NDP MLA Maureen MacDonald, also gathered all 500 of his campaign signs. Poole said he also plans to hang on to them.

“If you look at past history of the election, (MacDonald) always won by two or three thousand votes, and this time it was just over 200 votes, so I feel great and I can’t wait until the next time,” he said.

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Poole said he’s been hearing he might not have to wait long before bringing the signs out of storage.

“There’s a lot of rumours flying around about a possible byelection, that [MacDonald] may step down, because [she’s] going from finance minister…to a party of seven.”

MacDonald was quick to deny it, saying she doesn’t intend to step down.

“I don’t think that’s very productive to be honest to start these rumours,” she said. “I was elected. I’m happy to be re-elected. I love my constituency.”

The NDP MLA said all her campaign signs will be collected and stored in a shed, and will be re-used in the next election.

“I wouldn’t have saved them if there isn’t some possibility of a future run,” she said. “I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.”

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