Guelph City Council to shift meeting days

Staff will bring a report on start times back to Council during the new term in early 2023.
Ken Hashizume/CJOY

When a new Guelph City Council is elected this fall, there will be a new day for Council and committee meetings.

Meetings will now go on Tuesdays instead of Mondays starting the next Council term.

The current Council voted to approve the change of meeting days at their July 4th Committee of the Whole meeting, but not the start times.

City staff also recommended each meeting begin at 10 am, something Councillor Leanne Caron said would not be ideal for everyone.

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“It would be unrealistic to think that every person, Councillor, staff, or the public, all have the same schedules,” said Caron.

“By going to a 10 am recommended start time, it excludes an entire group of people. It affects candidates who are planning to run in the election, and it affects the ability of everyone in the community to engage in local democracy.”

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The committee agreed to have staff bring a report back to Council during the new term in early 2023.

“That portion has been referred back to staff to see if there is some best practices in regards to the timing issue, and to have engagement opportunities with the community to get their feedback see what that timing would be best if for them,” said Mayor Cam Guthrie.

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Guthrie also said by having the meetings moved to Tuesday, it would allow Council to use Mondays to engage with staff and the public, and be better prepared to make important decisions.

The change in schedule also takes into account other religious holidays such as Hanukkah and Ramadan.


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