‘Shocking’ video released of GO Train slamming into SUV in Toronto

Click to play video: 'Video appears to show GO Train hitting vehicle in Toronto'
Video appears to show GO Train hitting vehicle in Toronto
WATCH: A video released by Metrolinx on Monday appears to show a vehicle in Toronto attempting to bypass a level crossing sign and signal before it is hit by a GO Train – Jun 20, 2022

Metrolinx has released a “shocking” new video which appears to show a GO Transit train smashing into a vehicle in Toronto.

In a blog post, Metrolinx said the incident occurred near the Carl Hall Road rail crossing in mid-May.

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The video, which is less than a minute long, shows a black SUV approach a rail crossing as the safety arm comes down.

The vehicle appears to stop behind the arm momentarily, but then attempts to drive around it, stopping on the tracks.

Seconds later the GO Train can be seen smashing into the vehicle’s driver’s side, pushing it out of the shot.

At the end of the video, Metrolinx included a photo of the damaged SUV.

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Metrolinx said “luckily, the driver escaped without significant injuries.”

The company is reminding the public when they approach a level crossing on foot or in a vehicle to remember these instructions:

  • Always be prepared to stop.
  • Concentrate and do not get distracted by music, your phone or other people.
  • Stop, look and listen. Pay attention to warnings including lights, barriers or alarms.
  • Don’t proceed until all warnings stop.
  • Check both ways before proceeding.
  • Never go around a barrier when it is lowered.

Martin Gallagher, Metrolinx’s Chief Safety Officer said most of these incidents “like the one in the video, are preventable.”

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“Collisions at level crossings are caused by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers who deliberately take risks or make bad decisions by mistake, out of habit or because they’re distracted,” he said in a statement in the blog post.

“Everyone needs to be alert at level crossings and remember that trains move quickly and can appear at any time.”

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