Councillor to be appointed for Etobicoke-North after Michael Ford wins Ontario seat

Matthew Bingley/Global News

Toronto city council will appoint someone to fill the vacancy of Ward 1 Etobicoke-North after Michael Ford won a provincial seat during Ontario’s 2022 election.

Michael Ford was the city councillor for Etobicoke-North but after winning the provincial York-South Weston riding for the Progressive Conservatives, under his uncle Doug Ford who won a majority government for a second term, his local Toronto seat will be declared vacant.

Ford was elected provincially on June 2, beating out the NDP candidate by about a thousand votes, forcing his municipal seat vacant.

Officials said that council must fill vacancies when it is more than 90 days until the next municipal election. The municipal election is set for later this year on Oct. 24.

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They also said by-elections are not permitted after March 31 in an election year.

“Individuals who meet the required criteria can register as a candidate for the vacancy and Council will vote to appoint one candidate to fill the vacancy,” the City said.

The City said it will authorize the City Clerk to seek applications for anyone who is interested in the vacancy.

The process is set to begin on June 9 at 8:30 a.m. and close at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, June 20.

Officials said interested individuals must complete the “Consent of Nominee and Declaration of Qualification” form and provide identification showing name and qualifying address.

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