‘Brace for impact’: Gas prices rise to more than $2 a litre across Ontario 

Click to play video: 'Gas prices soar to $2.15 per litre in Montreal'
Gas prices soar to $2.15 per litre in Montreal
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Many Ontario drivers are now paying more than $2 per litre for gasoline, a record high for most cities across the province.

On Sunday, cities including Toronto, Ottawa, London and Hamilton experienced more pain at the pumps as gasoline prices ranged an average of $2.07 per litre.

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But according to the Canadian gas price prediction website, the increase won’t stop there.

Predictions indicate that prices will continue to rise into the Victoria Day long weekend, expected to reach $2.10 per litre for most Ontario cities.

The higher prices come in part because of supply chain disruptions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as high demand due to the re-opening of the economy.

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“Summer demand is right around the corner,” said Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

“My guess is that we’re going to be going anywhere from five to as much as 15 cents a litre higher on certain days between now and the beginning of September,” McTeague said. “So brace for impact.”

While gas prices continue to spike, so too have “gas-and-dash” incidents across Canada.

“This time last year, the average prices for London, Ont., were about $1.26 per litre,” McTeague said. “The dramatic rise is having a rather telling impact.”

“It may be time for governments to look at ways in which they can alleviate the burden, including backing off on things like carbon taxes and HST.” predicts the following increases in gas prices for these major Ontario cities for Tuesday, May 17:

Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Waterloo, Brampton, and Windsor: $2.08 per litre for regular; $2.37 per litre for diesel.

Ottawa: $2.08 per litre for regular; $2.34 per litre for diesel.

London: $2.07 per litre for regular; $2.37 per litre for diesel.

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