Alabama prison officer, escaped inmate heard in 911 call before capture

Click to play video: 'Authorities release 911 call by fugitive Alabama prison officer and escaped inmate before capture'
Authorities release 911 call by fugitive Alabama prison officer and escaped inmate before capture
A 911 call made by former Alabama corrections officer Vicky White and inmate Casey White was released by authorities on Thursday while being pursued by police on Tuesday in Evansville, Indiana. During the call to 911 dispatch, the former jailer can be heard saying the airbags went off in their vehicle and asking if they should get out and run – May 12, 2022

Former Alabama corrections officer Vicky White made a 911 call during the chaotic police chase that led to the capture of her and capital murder suspect Casey Cole White (no relation) on Monday.

In a story that made international headlines, Vicky, 56, disappeared April 29 — the day she was set to retire — after leaving a detention facility with inmate Casey for a bogus medical evaluation. Authorities later confirmed the two were believed to be in a romantic relationship.

After more than a week of searching, authorities found the fugitives in Evansville, Ind., where after a police chase and car crash, Vicky died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Casey, 38, was apprehended by police.

On Wednesday, Evansville police released audio of what they claim is an emergency call made by Vicky during the police chase.

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“Evansville 911 … 911 … Hello?” the dispatcher can be heard answering the call.

“Airbags are gonna go off and kill us,” the woman believed to be Vicky says in the audio recording. Vicky also shouts Casey’s name, as it is believed he was behind the wheel of their getaway car.

The almost seven-minute clip is mostly unintelligible, with the sound of sirens approaching in the distance.

Repeated screaming can be heard during what sounds like a crash, all while sirens continue to blare in the background.

Later — presumably after the car crash — an officer can be heard saying, “She’s got her finger on the trigger.”

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Audio appears to indicate officers tending to Vicky while detaining Casey. “She’s got a gun in her hand and she’s breathing,” someone says in the recording.

Vicky was transported to hospital for her gunshot wound and later died of her injuries. Casey was taken into custody and transported back to Alabama.

CNN reported Casey told police as he was being arrested that his “wife” shot herself in the head. It is unclear if the two were actually married while on the run.

Casey told police following his capture that he intended to have a shootout with police, but car wreck prevented it.

He was serving a sentence for several charges, including attempted murder and burglary. He was also awaiting trial for an additional charge of capital murder in the 2020 stabbing death of a 58-year-old woman – a crime to which he confessed.

Casey Cole White being apprehended by officers in Indiana after a police chase and car crash. Evansville Police Department (Facebook)

The charge carries a potential death penalty, if convicted.

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According to Fox News, Casey appeared in court Tuesday and was charged with first-degree escape.

Vicky White would have faced charges including forgery, identity theft and permitting and aiding an escape.

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