Non-profits and volunteers team up for annual Peachland watershed cleanup

Click to play video: 'Community participates in Peachland watershed cleanup'
Community participates in Peachland watershed cleanup
Local non-profits teamed up with volunteers for an annual Peachland Watershed cleanup – Apr 30, 2022

Thousands of pounds of metal and garbage have again been removed from Peachland’s backcountry.

Local non-profits teamed up Saturday with volunteers for the annual Peachland Watershed cleanup.

“We got out this burnt car…and a travel trailer,” said Kane Blake, Okanagan Forest Task Force’s president.

“We are also pulling out a big Dodge Ram truck, from a sand pit, that’s been shot up and torched.”

The Okanagan Forest Task Force, ABC Recycling, the Peachland Watershed Alliance, and the Peachland Fire Department all played a role in the cleanup.

“There were some squatters in this area over the winter and (they) left quite a big mess,” said Capt. Eric Tupholme, from the Peachland Fire Department.

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“We all live in this community, drink water from the watershed, and hang out at the beach. It’s very important to give back to the community, that we all live in.”

Around 50 volunteers from the community joined this year’s cleanup, including local resident Nikki Lynn.

She said her family is consistently in the backcountry and giving up a bit of her time is a small price to pay to help keep B.C.’s wilderness clean, so everyone can enjoy it.

“This place is our playground, we come out here almost every week, its upsetting when you see your playground and the things you love getting destroyed,” said Lynn.

“We go out of our way a little bit, clean up and hopefully this encourages other people to get out here and help clean as well.”

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