Highway Hotline breaks record with 13 million visitors

Environment Canada says the blizzard conditions should begin to ease early Saturday evening but would return again Sunday morning. File

Highway Hotline is a go-to site for many to find out whether or not they should be travelling.

Over the last year, there were over double the number of regular site visits compared with the year before.

Saskatchewan drivers used the interactive map more than 13 million times.

“The Highway Hotline provides critical information in real time about road conditions,” Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said.

“It gives drivers the information they need to make safe choices about highway travel in Saskatchewan.”

With the uncertain winter weather, drivers may have been looking to Highway Hotline to prepare for highway travel.

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Staff work around the clock when a storm hits the province to make sure drivers have accurate and up-to-date roadway insight.

Page views jumped to 1.2 million just in the month of April.

The majority of site visits occurred during the spring storm that moved through southeastern parts of Saskatchewan leaving behind piles of snow for many areas.

“I’d like to thank the dedicated staff at the Highway Hotline for providing this vital service to the people of Saskatchewan,” Bradshaw said.

“Many people rely on this service to help them make their travel decisions. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the many snow-plow operators, who worked tirelessly through this difficult winter season.”

The Hotline uses more than 40 highway cameras across the province, giving travellers a chance to see the weather conditions in many different locations.

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