Hamilton committee approves new red light camera locations

Red light cameras will be installed a 10 suburban and Hamilton mountain intersections in 2022. Global News

The public works committee has approved red light cameras at another 10 Hamilton intersections this year.

They’ll be installed at trouble spots throughout the mountain and suburban communities, pending final approval from city council.

Two of them are destined for Stoney Creek Coun. Maria Pearson’s territory, one at Highway 8 and Gray Road and the other at Barton Street and Fruitland Road.

“Both of these locations are very heavily travelled, and with the development east of Fruitland Road, it’s always a concern,” Pearson said.

Hamilton already has 32 red light cameras. Roads manager Mike Field said they’ve been “very successful” at reducing collisions that result in injury or death by about 65 per cent.

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Since 2007, Field said the city has added about five locations every year, but this year’s new cameras will be the first since prior to the pandemic.

“In the years of 2020 and 2021, we did not install any locations partly due to the complications of COVID, so this is a catchup on those past two years,” Field said.

Red light cameras will be installed in the following Hamilton locations in 2022:

  • Paramount Drive and Winterberry Drive
  • Highway 8 and Gray Road
  • Barton Street and Fruitland Road
  • Upper James Street and Airport Road
  • Garner Road East and Southcote Road
  • Wilson Street and Highway 52/Trinity Road South
  • Cootes Drive and Dundas Street/East Street North
  • Stone Church Road West and Upper Paradise Road
  • Garth Street and Fennell Avenue West/Scenic Drive
  • Highway 5 East and Hamilton Street North

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