City of Saskatoon: Pothole repair has begun

Twitter/City of Vancouver

The snow disappears from Saskatoon roadways and the potholes almost instantly replace it.

Although according to courier driver, Savannah Koski, it’s nothing new.

“I drive all day and they are constantly everywhere,” said Koski.

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Many drivers either dangerously swerve between lanes to miss them, like Don Chormonitz. “I’m watchin, I’m swervin’ ’em,” he said.

Or they wince at the sound their vehicle makes when they hit them.

City of Saskatoon Roadways Manager Tracy Danielson said they do have a plan in place to combat the pits in the pavement.

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“This is the time of year where lots of potholes are created and so our target is to address those priority locations within a few days but we’ll be doing pothole repairs all throughout the spring summer and into the fall,” said Danielson.

The city budgets around $4 million annually just for pothole repair.

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“I hope they do it right, because they never do it right as far as I’m concerned,” said concerned driver, Len Holynski.

Saskatoon residents can go to the city’s website or use their app to report a pothole at any time.

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