Oshawa’s services hub for vulnerable people releases video series

Backdoor Mission released a video campaign titled "We Are Listening," to give vulnerable community members a platform to share their stories. An episode is released every two weeks. Backdoor Mission

Backdoor Mission, a multi-service hub serving Oshawa’s vulnerable community members, has launched a video series to document the stories of some of its clients.

The Mission provides low-barrier access to hygienic services, fresh meals, medical aid, a safe space to sleep and more.

“My dream is that we sort of do a series of collections a few times a year to continue the project. It’s real information. It’s keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your entire community,” says the local filmmaker collaborating with Backdoor Mission, Carla Sinclair.

“It’s so important, especially because their voices are often not heard but they all have value. We should be listening,” Sinclair added.

She explains the project aims to provide a platform for those living with addictions, experiencing homelessness, mental health concerns and other challenges.

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“If we all work together, we could do anything. It’s frustrating when everyone’s just stuck in their ways, and stuck with their wealth,” says Ricky, whose last name was not shared in his feature episode.

In the 15 minute video he shared his experience in the foster system, and growing up around drug addiction.

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“Nobody chooses to be homeless…a lot of these people are very hardworking…I need to see a lot more respect and dignity for homeless people and a lot more resources for homeless people. Specifically for drug addiction, counselling, a lot of people have lost loved ones and definitely a women’s shelter in downtown Oshawa,” Sharon Waters, a client of Backdoor Mission who is featured in an episode.

Sinclair says she did not start filming until after about a month of visiting the hub and getting to know the clients and community members.

“I brought my camping tent and opened the curtains up and set up my camera for shade, then said ‘Tell me a story’ in the parking lot where a lot of services are provided. There were so many people interested in sharing on the third day,” Sinclair explained.

Episodes are released every two weeks on Backdoor Mission’s YouTube channel.


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