City councillor calls for vote on whether Vancouver should host 2030 Olympics

Click to play video: 'Councillor calls for vote on Vancouver 2030 Olympic bid'
Councillor calls for vote on Vancouver 2030 Olympic bid
After some serious talk of an indigenous-led bid for the 2030 Olympic Games, one Vancouver City Councillor is suggesting it come down to a public vote or plebiscite. As Kamil Karamali reports, the same thing happened 19-years ago in the run-up to the 2010 games – Mar 24, 2022

A Vancouver city councillor is calling for a municipal vote on whether or not the city should participate in a bid to potentially host the 2030 winter Olympics.

An Indigenous-led partnership, including four local First Nations, the City of Vancouver, Resort Municipality of Whistler and the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic committees is exploring the possibility of bringing the games back to the region, and is currently conducting a feasibility study on the idea.

Click to play video: '2030 Winter Olympic bid garners important show of support'
2030 Winter Olympic bid garners important show of support
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In a motion scheduled to be heard at Vancouver city council next Tuesday, councillor and TEAM mayoral candidate Colleen Hardwick is seeking to secure a plebiscite on the idea, to be held in conjunction with October’s municipal elections to save on costs.

Hardwick is proposing voters be asked a yes-or-no question on whether they support the city’s participation in holding the 2030 games.

Click to play video: '2030 Olympic bid agreement with local First Nations and Vancouver and Whistler'
2030 Olympic bid agreement with local First Nations and Vancouver and Whistler

Vancouver held a similar plebiscite on hosting the 2010 games in 2003. That vote, which saw a turnout of about 50 per cent, delivered a result of 63.89 in favour and 36.09 per cent opposed.

In her motion, Hardwick cites the partnership agreement but says “Vancouver electors/residents have not yet had the opportunity to express their views on this important matter that affects them.”

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“Given the significant financial commitment involved in hosting, Vancouver electors should have a say on whether they favour proceeding with a 2030 Olympic bid,” the motion adds.

The 2010 Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) said in 2014 that the games “broke even,” but Hardwick says the full records from the games will remain sealed until 2025, making it hard for the city to make an informed decision before entering a bid on the 2030 games.

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