Kelowna Actors Studio opens new season with ‘Legally Blonde the Musical’

Click to play video: 'Kelowna Actors Studio prepares for new season' Kelowna Actors Studio prepares for new season
WATCH: Theatre has been one of the many things hard hit by the pandemic and many of the creatives worked hard over the last few years to still bring the arts to their audiences. Now that many of the restrictions have been lifted, the Kelowna Actors Studio can now welcome a full house. Sydney Morton has more on what shows will be brought to the Kelowna stage – Mar 22, 2022

The Kelowna Actors Studio is back at full capacity and ready to put on a show. First up, is Legally Blonde the Musical, where we follow Elle Woods as she leaves sorority life to become a lawyer at Harvard Law School.

“Elle Woods goes through quite a character arc from top to finish. She’s not a dumb blonde and she’s not entitled but everything is easy for her,” said Joanne Ryan, who plays Elle Woods.

“She’s born into privilege, life is easy, even the weather is easy. She’s from Malibu and she starts to realize halfway through that she actually needs to start working for everything that she wants.

“At first, she’s trying to work on getting a man to fall for her but, in the process, she kind of learns how to fall for herself. It’s really interesting.”

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It’s been 20 years since the iconic movie starring Reese Witherspoon was released. Since then it’s been transformed into an on-stage pink-tastic experience.

“I was a teen when the movie came out. So you can imagine how my sisters and I reacted to what was going to be this cult classic,” said Ryan.

“[Elle Woods] was just fun and perfect and there was no other movie like it. So to be able to play such an iconic character that I loved and grew up with super exciting.

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Legally Blonde the Musical starts off the Kelowna Actors Studio’s season from April 20 to May 8, but it’s just one of the many Broadway shows coming to the Kelowna stage.

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“We’ve sandwiched all six shows between April to December, so it’s a marathon,” said Randy Leslie, Kelowna Actors Studio Artistic managing director.

After the pink-themed musical runs its course, then it’s on to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, June 8 to June 26, The Sound of Music, Aug.4 to Aug. 13, Amadeus Sept. 7 to Sept 25, Ghost the Musical Oct. 12 to Oct. 13 and A Christmas Carol Nov. 30 to Dec. 18.

Because of the pandemic, the theatre company is getting a late start on the season. Normally, they start rehearsals and casting in January, meaning it will take extra work to put on a good show. However, Leslie and his team aren’t afraid of the challenge.

“Right now, rights for productions are extremely expensive. We need to get those bums in the seats,” said Leslie.

“We need to pay our lease, we need to pay for the right props and costumes, it ends up being a big-budget item. So we really want people to come out, we want them to have a good time.”

Tickets all the Kelowna Actors Studio are available online at

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