Elderly Manitoba woman returns to Winnipeg after hospital transfer

Joan Hodgson who was transported to Russel's hospital will return home to Winnipeg. Submitted

Two months after Joan Thompson was transferred out of Winnipeg and placed in a hospital in western Manitoba, her daughter says she’s finally going home.

Hodgson fractured her femur in mid-December and was admitted to Concordia hospital. But a few weeks later her daughter, Kate Hodgson was told she was being moved 350 kilometres outside of Winnipeg to Russell Health Centre.

For months, the province has been transferring patients as part of a protocol implemented by the health-care system to free up space in hospitals.

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Global News first reported on the Hodgson’s story Wednesday.

On Saturday Kate confirmed her elderly mother would be going home.

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“They have secured a Geriatric Rehab bed for my mom at Deer Lodge Centre, and they are able to transport her today. We just called Russell and she was leaving the building via EMS as we spoke,” Kate said in an emailed statement.

Despite not knowing anyone in the Russell community, Kate says her mother received an outpouring of support from people who read her story.

“In the last few days the community in Russell came out to support my mom and she received letters and cards from people who read her story and saw the news,” she said. “She was moved. She no longer felt alone. It changed things and gave us hope.”

Kate says while she’s happy for her mother’s return to Winnipeg, she’s worried for other families.

“We are very concerned that this amount of effort is what it took to have my mom’s basic needs met: a plan for her care and return to her home community.”‘

“We remain incensed that people who have been transported away from their home community seem to have no plan for return. We are shocked that it took this work to get here.”

“We see the need for proper funding, proper care, for remote communities to be supported with more health supports, for increased options in Winnipeg so that our system can care for people in a crisis, and the need for a Seniors and Elders Advocate who can hold governments to account. “


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