Pump prices in Nova Scotia down again by 9.8 cents

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Uber adds fuel surcharge to offset spike in gas prices
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Gasoline prices have dropped again in Nova Scotia, after the province’s utility board invoked the interrupter clause for the fourth time in two weeks.

After a week of record-high prices at the pump, prices in Nova Scotia finally fell on Friday, by four cents to 182.1 cents a litre. However, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board announced later that day that prices will change again at midnight.

As of Saturday, prices were down by another 9.8 cents.

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Halifax residents are now paying minimum 172.3 cents for regular self-serve.

Cape Bretoners pay the most for gas in the province, now at 174.2 cents per litre.

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Diesel prices also dropped Saturday, by 17.6 cents down to 182.1 cents per litre minimum.

The NSUARB said Friday the interrupter clause is being invoked “due to significant shifts in the market prices of gasoline and diesel oil.”

The interrupter clause is a mechanism that allows the utility and review board to adjust gas prices in response to market fluctuations outside of the weekly price change.

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The last time it was invoked was Tuesday, when prices went up by another 10.9 cents. Before that, it was invoked March 5 when prices went up by 6.4 cents, just three days after it was invoked for a 6.5-cent increase.

According to NSUARB’s interrupter clause schedule, this is the first time in 10 years that the board has invoked the clause four times within two weeks.

In all of 2021, it was only invoked twice to lower costs.

The last time the interrupter was used to raise pump prices was in September 2017.

The price of fuel remains volatile worldwide, due in part to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia as a result.

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— with files from Alex Cooke

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