Julien’s Bakery to close after more than 30 years in Nova Scotia

Julien's Bakery says it will close after more than 30 years of selling baked goods. The location in the Hydrostone is independently owned and will remain open, but is seeking a new supplier.

A beloved bakery that helped bring French flavour to Nova Scotia will soon close its doors after spending more than 30 years selling bread, buns and other baked goods.

In a statement posted to Facebook Tuesday evening, Didier Julien and Laura Mulrooney, owners of Julien’s Bakery, announced they will be retiring and closing their business.

“Many folks look forward to retirement but for me and Didier this is a difficult day,” said Mulrooney.

“Our staff are our family — some have been with us since our own adult children were babies. Baking is an art and a science, but it is also a physically demanding vocation and the Frenchman and I are ready for a quieter chapter.”

In a phone interview, Mulrooney said the rising cost of baking supplies, as well as gas for their frequent drives between Chester and Halifax, labour shortages, and a lack of restaurant business, also contributed to the decision to close.

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“And mostly we’re just really tired, and I don’t think we have it in us to do another summer,” she said.

Julien first moved to Halifax from France in 1984. While he first intended to stay for just six months, he ended up making the province his home.

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The bakery, which helped popularize French breads and pastries in Nova Scotia, first opened as a bakery and café in Chester, N.S., before the business expanded to selling goods at the Hydrostone market in 1992.

Soon after, it opened its location in Halifax’s famous Hydrostone district.

Julien’s Patisserie, Bakery & Café will remain open in the Hydrostone, but they are looking for a new supplier. Reynold Gregor/Global News

The statement said the bakery will continue to provide baked goods to Julien’s Patisserie, Bakery & Café, which has been independently owned since 2011, until March 31.

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An employee at the Hydrostone location said the café and bakery will remain open past that date, but they are now seeking a new supplier.

March 31 will also be the final day to buy Julien’s Bakery goods at the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market. Julien’s final day at the Halifax Seaport market will be April 2.

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