A new warming centre in Kingston, Ont. opens its doors this weekend

Click to play video: 'New Kingston warming centre  getting closer to reality.'
New Kingston warming centre getting closer to reality.
WATCH: Total team effort helps to bring a new Kingston warming centre to life – Jan 6, 2022

Extra help for Kingston, Ont’s homeless and most vulnerable residents is beginning to ramp up, with a new warming centre set to begin running this weekend.

“Being able to get this centre up and running as quickly as possible is really important,” says Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson.

Mayor Paterson says the new Concession Street warming centre will soon be opening its doors.

Thursday saw city inspectors on site to check out the building, making sure it’s ready for this weekend.

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“This warming centre is going to be, on the one hand, a meal pick-up service operated by Lionhearts in the same way that last year Lionhearts did that in Stages Nightclub,” says Paterson.

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And those with the food provider say they’ll be ready to go Sunday night.

“The food portion or servings starts at 6:00 p.m. and goes until 7:00 p.m.,” says Lionhearts Executive Director Travis Blackmore. “And then of course with our partnership with the Kingston Street Mission, that takes it to the warming centre portion of the evening from 7 until midnight and then of course Home Base Housing is taking over the overnight piece.”

Blackmore says this venture really is about working together to provide support where it’s needed most.

“I think that’s when good things happen,” he says. “To be able to be next to the Kingston Street Mission as well as Home Base Housing and having the backing of the city of Kingston and the United Way, I think it gives us a real bright light at the end of the tunnel in terms of getting this kicked off in the right direction.”

As for the latest on the warming cabins at the Olympic Harbour site, the final four cabins will arrive next week and the actual opening isn’t that far behind.

There are still, however, a few operational details to be worked out.


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