Exotic birds, monkey and lemur among animals stolen from zoo in Morpeth, Ont.

Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo on Talbot Trail in Morpeth Ont.,. Via Google Maps

Chatham-Kent police are investigating a series of animal-nappings at the Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo in a community southwest of London.

Police say six exotic animals were taken from the zoo on Talbot Trail in Morpeth, Ont., on three separate occasions between October and November 2021.

The missing animals are a squirrel monkey, lemur, red eclectus parrot, a lime green eclectus parrot and two umbrella cockatoos.

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Police say the priority right now is locating the animals to ensure their health and safety.

Officers are reaching out to the public after saying they have exhausted all other leads.

Anyone who has information regarding the whereabouts of the animals is asking to contact Chatham-Kent police.


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