Missing Saskatoon dog reunited with family, brings community together

A missing dog in Saskatoon brings the community together in a four-day search.

A Christmas wish came true for a Saskatoon family after they lost their family pet dog on Christmas Eve.

Rina Wozniak and her family went to her friend’s for appetizers that night and received a call from animal control that police contacted them. That’s when she found out the front door to her home had been left wide open by police and their dogs were missing.

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Wozniak said Jace, one of the dogs, returned home. Another, Tito, was still missing. People from the community pitched in to help Wozniak and her family to look for Tito.

“We searched all night,” she said.

A lot of people asked Wozniak how the dogs got out. She said it turns out Jace could jump on the door with his paw hitting the handle, popped open the door. It came as a surprise when they saw Jace do it in front of them.

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“That is what we figured happened,” said Wozniak. “And away [the dogs] went on their Christmas journey.”

It was not the Christmas that the family had envisioned. They were worried about their dogs’ well-being, especially with the frigid weather.

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“Not only were we exhausted and freezing cold, so were the people who helped us,” she said. “And they didn’t stop.”

Wozniak said there were close to 40 people helping with the dog search for Tito for four days.

And then, Tito was spotted by Wozniak’s cousin. He had been seen by folks at Brighton Motion Fitness on the east side of Saskatoon. It took Wozniak a few minutes to get to the area and meet volunteers, animal control and Saskatoon City Police. But Tito was spotted and saved.

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The experience of people pitching in to help locate Tito restored Wozniak’s faith in humanity. It’s something that her family will never forget.

“The way we felt, we were extremely overwhelmed with [the] kindness,” she said. “I didn’t realize people had it within them anymore. We are absolutely humbled by it all.”
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N.B. family’s lost dog has been found but may never come home


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