West Edmonton residents tired of vehicles speeding through their neighbourhood

EDMONTON- Homeowners in west Edmonton want motorists to stop cutting through their neighbourhood, after a home was hit by a vehicle early Sunday morning.

People who live on Ormsby Road East- just northeast of Anthony Henday Drive and Callingwood Road- say hundreds of drivers use their area everyday, as a short cut to the Henday.

“Ever since the Henday opened, people (have been) using this as a passing through to the Henday, and cars drive quite fast,” said area resident Tina Lowe.

Early Sunday morning, Lowe had a rude awakening.

“I heard a noise just shortly after 3:00 a.m., but then I thought maybe it was just some guys passing by,” she said. “I wasn’t sure.”

But, shortly after 4:00 a.m. she received a phone call from an Edmonton police officer.

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“She said ‘I just wanted to you let you know your side garage just got crashed by a car,” Lowe explained. “I was shocked.”

Lowe says last winter a vehicle nearly hit her garage, but instead ended up hitting a pile of snow.

“He missed the corner and then he almost hit the mailbox. And it ended up he hit all the snow, the snow bank, five feet high.”

Late last month, a number of residents gathered in the area to bring awareness to the problem, saying it’s becoming a safety issue for their families.

Residents are calling on the City to step in and find a solution to discourage non-residential traffic from using Ormsby Road East.

“The speed limit has to be changed, that’s number one. And number two, speed bumps just by the stop sign,” Lowe explained. “They don’t have to put up a whole lot of speed bumps, but it seems to be nobody pays attention to the stop sign at all.

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“It’s about time they do something.”

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