Should Canada Post be privatized?

Canada Post
Four retail brands and Canada Post are launching a same-day delivery service for online orders in the Greater Toronto Area. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

The U.K government on Thursday confirmed a plan to privatize Britain’s 500-year-old Royal Mail “within weeks.”

U.K. Business Secretary Vince Cable said Thursday an initial public offering for Royal Mail will appear in the coming weeks but officials are suggesting a minimum IPO will be set at 750 pounds ($1,224 CDN) with Royal Mail employees receiving a slice of the stock offerings.

Across the pond, Canada Post, first established in 1876, has had its own struggles as it tries to stay relevant in a tech-savvy world of emails and instant messaging.

In August, Canada Post reported a loss of $104 million and on Wednesday, executives of the Crown Corporation began making their way across the country in an attempt to find ways to make the company more profitable.

But with sagging profits and calls for the company to contract out mail delivery the question is; do you think Canada Post should be privatized?

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