COVID-19: JAKK Tuesdays remains open despite regulatory actions taken against business

JAKK Tuesdays remains operating Thursday despite reportedly having its business licence revoked, and a recent public health order laid against the establishment. Global Kingston

It’s been a busy time for JAKK Tuesdays, a pub in Kingston, Ont., that has been openly flouting COVID-19 regulations for the last several weeks.

Despite a recent public health order issued against the restaurant and – as reported on its own Facebook page – its business licence having been revoked, the business remained open Thursday, with patrons eating and drinking inside the west-end establishment.

Note, the business’ liquor licence is also currently suspended, while awaiting a decision on permanent removal of the licence.

The business owner, Kelly Hale, would not provide comment to Global News for this story.

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Kyle Compeau, manager of licensing and enforcement for the city of Kingston, confirmed that the business licence has been revoked, and that city enforcement is aware that the business continues to operate.

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Compeau says bylaw, Kingston police and KFL&A Public Health are working in tandem to address the business’ continued defiance of COVID-19 regulations.

Thursday, KFL&A Public Health issued a Health Protection and Promotion Act order against the business for non-compliance under Reopening Ontario Act.

In a statement, the health unit noted that the order was issued Thursday, but gave very little details about what the order entails, other than asking the restaurant to “decrease or eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transmission” and to have the business “remove all signs promoting and advertising non-compliance with COVID-19 safety measures or close the establishment.”

Enforcement under Section 22 of the Act, under which this order was issued, could include having the restaurant close its doors place placards on its premises to indicate it will be closing, among other things.

As of Thursday, other than a notice of a liquor licence suspension, there is no messaging on the restaurant’s front door or windows indicating its business licence is revoked, or that is has been issued a public health order.

Not only has Hale been open about not requiring vaccine passports, but also has openly said he will not require masking inside the premises. When Global News visited the restaurant Thursday, barely anyone was wearing masks, and no vaccine certificates were required upon entry.

The health unit has been in the restaurant twice recently for food inspections, and found several things lacking, including failing to maintain handwashing stations and sanitary issues with the ceiling.

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Kingston city bylaw previously said it had been in to inspect the business on several occasions, and had received several complaints about the business.

KLF&A Public Health has yet to respond to a request for more information about their recent order against JAKKS.

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