Round up of reaction to Quebec’s proposed Charter of Values

ABOVE: There was strong reaction across the country following the unveiling of the PQ’s Charter of Quebec Values

MONTREAL – Reaction to the Parti Quebecois’ proposed plans for a Quebec Charter of Values has come from all sides and all levels.

Take a look at what politicians, pundits and people are saying.

Charter of Values Q&A with Quebec Minister Bernard Drainville
Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship, Bernard Drainville, discusses the reasons for the Charter of Values, the exemption clause, and the need for a neutral state.
Feds will vigourously defend freedom of religion rights
Jason Kenney said if the Quebec government’s Charter of Values becomes law, the federal government will ask Department of Justice to review the law and they will seek to challenge if it is deemed unconstitutional.
Mulcair categorically rejects Quebec’s Charter of Values
NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said the Quebec government’s Charter of Values confimed their worst fears and says the views are intolerable.
Lester B. Pearson School Board on Charter of Values
Institutions like hospitals, universities and CEGEPs have the option to opt out of the Charter of Values, but school boards will have to find a way to manage how it is adopted in primary and secondary schools. The chairperson of Montreal’s Lester B. Pearson School Board, Suanne Stein Day talks about this issue and the Board’s stance on the Charter.
Archbishop Lepine on Quebec’s Charter of Values
The most senior Roman Catholic cleric in Montreal, Archbishop Christian Lepine, talks about his concerns over the proposed new Charter of Values in Quebec.
Political reaction to Quebec’s Charter of Values
Reaction to the Parti Quebecois’ proposal was swift and negative. Elysia Bryan Baynes sums up reaction from federal leaders, including the Bloc Quebecois.
Montreal reaction to Quebec’s Charter of Values
“If it becomes law, we will lose one of Quebec’s most sacred values: respect.” Anne Leclair talks with Montrealers and political pundits about what they think about the proposed Charter of Values.
Quebec Libs weigh in on Charter of Values
Quebec Liberal leader Phillippe Couillard said that his party embraces interculturalism and will do whatever it takes to protect individual rights in Quebec. Caroline Plante reports.
Harper weighs in on Quebec’s planned values charter
Stephen Harper says once they see Quebec’s proposal they will make sure that the fundamental rights of Canadians will be protected.
Former PQ premier blasts coverage of proposed charter
Former Quebec premier Bernard Landry ripped the media and one federal political leader, saying they are giving Canadians and the world the wrong impression of Canada.
Calgary mayor talks about Quebec charter
During a scrum with reporters on Tuesday Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi went on record to voice his opinion on the Parti Quebecois government’s Charter of Quebec Values.

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