Crews respond to oil spill at northeast Edmonton garage

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services were called to an oil spill in the parking lot near 165 Ave. NW and 50 Street NW on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2021. Global News

Approximately 1,000 litres of used oil was released near 50 Street NW and 165 Avenue NW just after noon on Wednesday.

EPCOR said some of the oil — an unknown amount — went into the stormwater system.

“EPCOR drainage operations and environmental teams were dispatched,” an EPCOR spokeperson told Global News.

“We have installed booms at the Brintnell stormwater management facility to mitigate the impact of any oil that may have entered the facility. At this time it is unknown if there are any impacts to the facility.

“We are working alongside a private contractor who is facilitating the cleanup.”

The incident was reported to Alberta Environment.

In a statement, Alberta Environment said officials are monitoring the incident and “taking all actions necessary to protect the health of Albertans and the environment.”

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The ministry said the spill took place at a retail garage in northeast Edmonton, “though much of that remained above ground on the parking lot of the site.”

Alberta Environment said clean-up crews responded quickly and the oil that got underground was “contained to the storm sewers and has not entered the storm pond that is at the end of the drainage line.

“Crews are taking precautionary measures to protect vegetation and wildlife in case any waste oil enters the storm pond in the future, though this is considered unlikely at this time.”

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