Feds could challenge Quebec values charter

WATCH: Federal government reacts to Quebec’s Charter of Values

OTTAWA – The Conservative government says it would mount a legal challenge against the new charter of Quebec values if it was deemed to violate religious freedoms.

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Employment Minister Jason Kenney, who also oversees multicultural policy, says that if the Quebec proposals become law, they will be reviewed by the federal Justice Department.

Kenney also accuses the Parti Quebecois government of trying to pick a fight with the federal government while most people are more concerned about jobs and the economy.

The values charter seeks to emphasize the separation of church and state in all public institutions by banning the wearing of obvious religious symbols on the job.

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Video: Quebec government lays out its Charter of Values

Kenney and Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel were uncharacteristically terse when asked to react to the proposals.

Federal parties have had to grapple with how to respond to the values charter, in the face of what appears to be significant support for the concept in certain areas of the province.

Video: Political reaction to Quebec’s Charter of Values.