Conservancy Canada: Reasons to not rake your leaves this fall

Nature Conservancy of Canada recommends reasons not to rake your leaves this fall to help the environment. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Do not feel like raking your leaves this fall? Well, you do not have to!

Nature Conservancy of Canada says if you leave them in your yard, you are actually doing your part for conservation.

Many small, common backyard birds like hummingbirds, pigeons and woodpeckers can benefit from residents keeping one or two layers of fall leaves on their lawn.

The layers provide a place for insects to stay safe in the winter and, therefore, is another way to provide feed for birds.

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There is also no need to worry about your lawn dying.

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Andrew Holland, media relations with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, says the leaves will break down over the winter, actually providing nutrients for your grass.

“And if the neighbours are giving you a hard time, they think that you’re being lazy or they’re giving you the stink eye, you can say that you’re actually helping the environment. We call it a small act of backyard conservation,” said Holland.

However, they still urge lawn owners to keep leaves off of sidewalks and out of gutters to avoid issues that could potentially come up.

They also ask residents to clean up their pine needles because they are acidic, and if left on the lawn, they will kill grass.

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