Changes made to Lethbridge’s cityLINK transit system following major public feedback

The new cityLINK transit redesign began on August 25, 2021 in Lethbridge. Eloise Therien / Global News

Nearly one month ago, the City of Lethbridge rolled out its new transit system redesign that looked to reduce costs while streamlining services.

However, the changes didn’t sit well with all transit users, who had concerns about the removal and relocation of bus stops, timing of rides and more.

Timothy Sanderson, general manager of Lethbridge Transit, said there was an influx of inquiries right off the bat.

“We’ve been really lucky in that we’ve gotten an awful lot of feedback and it really goes to show the engagement level of our customers,” Sanderson said.

Click to play video: 'Residents voice concern over revamped transit in Lethbridge' Residents voice concern over revamped transit in Lethbridge
Residents voice concern over revamped transit in Lethbridge – Sep 1, 2021

“Every day it gets a little bit better because we get more information, our transit operators become more familiar with the system.”

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Now, Lethbridge Transit has revealed a few minor changes, which include platform revisions at the downtown Park & Ride terminal, updates to the myRide app and changes to transfer times on one of the major routes.

Additionally, early-morning services has been added to transport riders from west Lethbridge to city centre, the hospital and industrial areas in the east portion of town, booking for demand response zones starts at 5:50 a.m. and resources have been reallocated to deal with capacity concerns at the Southgate Demand Zone.

“Is everything running perfect now? No. But everything wasn’t running perfect before, either.”

Over the next couple of weeks, Lethbridge Transit is expected to install permanent signage and construct benches and shelters at key locations.

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Sanderson says there is a number of recommendations that will be put in place at the next service change in November, which occur every three months.

“(That) will expand the demand zone windows, expanding the areas you can go to to the ones on the west side, and a number of things,” he explained.

Lethbridge Transit continues to encourage residents to provide feedback and ask questions about the system by calling 311.

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“You might get an answer through other means, you might get an answer through talking to the bus operator, but with 311 every one of those comments is recorded (so that) when we provide this feedback to council at the end of the pilot project (in March) it’ll make sure that it’s included in that.”

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