Alleged drunk driver offered deal to reduce time behind bars

CALGARY- The man accused of killing an Alberta teen has been offered a deal—meaning he could spend as little as four months behind bars.

In February 2012, 17-year-old Koralea Boettger was killed by an alleged drunk driver on a central Alberta highway.

“It’s unbelievably hard, it’s almost unfathomable,” says her mother Janel Boettger, of her devastating loss. “I wake up every morning and resign myself to the fact she’s gone. Once I clear that through my head, I’m able to make breakfast and get some things done.”

Boettger has just been dealt another blow. She’s learned the man involved in the crash—21-year-old Trevor Dahl—has cut a deal. He’s set to plead guilty, in exchange for just two years in jail.

He will be eligible for parole in just a few months.

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“It’s a loss for victims, it’s a loss for mothers against drunk driving,” Boettger says. “Everybody needs to be responsible for this, whether or not they choose to drink and drive, and if you take a life while participating in a crime it should be treated like manslaughter.

“You recklessly made the decision.”

The court process has also been difficult for the Boettger family, who say Dahl has not shown any remorse. He was even charged after making offensive gestures at them.

On Thursday, the family will read their victim impact statements in court.

“I want to know he can’t give us the middle finger or scoff his way through it. I want him to know even if he’s not remorseful, what he [took] from us.”