Saskatoon vegan community celebrates first Veg Fest

A booth at the 2021 Veg Fest. Global News

Saskatoon’s first-ever Veg Fest attracted veggie and animal lovers on Saturday.

Multiple vegan vendors gathered in River Landing Park with signage showing support for animals and plant-based diets while also sharing their despair for animal cruelty.

Attendees were able to try vegan barbeque, learn new vegan recipes and take in many different presentations such as dancing, readings and cooking classes.

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The one-day event was meant to celebrate vegan living and inspire others who may be interested to learn about the diet choice.

Saskatoon companies Veg Fund, Gud Eats and Animal Save Movement Saskatoon sponsored the event.

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One of the organizers, Margaret Henderson, mentioned she was happy with the turnout for their first-ever event and hopes Veg Fest becomes an annual celebration.

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