Manitoba recoups June job losses: Statistics Canada

Manitoba recoups June job losses: Statistics Canada - image

As the province continues to reopen from COVID-19 restrictions, monthly Statistics Canada unemployment numbers show fewer people in Manitoba are looking for work.

John McCallum, an economist with the University of Manitoba, says our province recouped job losses, and then some, from June.

“We added 2,600 full-time and 4,800 part-time [positions] so that’s a pretty good month. And we got the unemployment rate down from 7.6 to 6.1 per cent.”

McCallum acknowledges some of the decline in the unemployment rate has to do with people simply leaving the labour force “for whatever reason.”

The current national unemployment rate is 7.5 per cent, down from 7.8 in June.

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According to StatCan, Canada added 94,000 jobs in July, 83,000 of which are full-time positions.

McCallum says service jobs are coming back now that the personal service sector is allowed to increase operating capacity as COVID-19 public safety measures are lifted further.

“If you have a job in the government sector, chances are you came out of [the pandemic] better than someone in the private sector, especially someone who works in the personal services side of the private sector.”

McCallum says Manitoba’s jobs numbers more or less move in sync with the national numbers and Canada is going to take several months to catch up to the United States, which currently boasts a 5.4 per cent unemployment rate and added nearly 1 million jobs last month.


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