Female homebuilder looking to buck trend in male-dominated industry

Click to play video: 'Vicky’s Homes breaks the glass ceiling in Edmonton’s home construction industry'
Vicky’s Homes breaks the glass ceiling in Edmonton’s home construction industry
In a male-dominated industry, a female homebuilder has found success thanks to her drive, attention to detail and unique designs. Vicky's Homes is a boutique house builder that constructs eight to 12 homes a year. Ciara Yaschuk has more on owner Vicky Kunjundzic in the fifth installment of the businesses in bloom series – Jul 23, 2021

In a male-dominated industry, female homebuilder Vicky Kunjundzic has found success in the field thanks to her drive, attention to detail and unique designs.

Vicky’s Homes has been around for 21 years.

“The mentality of women in construction was quite different and I had a difficult time with some of the trades that were all male at that point,” said Kunjundzic.

Leaving a her career as a teacher, building and designing homes was really her true passion, she said.

“Times have really changed in the last 21 years, where there is more acceptance of having women in this industry,” said Kunjundzic.

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Starting out as a one-women operation, things really took off, which allowed Vicky’s Homes to build the team.

“We have a very multi-faceted and talented team. So a lot of our staff members — I call them octopuses, because they have many arms because they do many things,” said Kunjundzic.

Once COVID-19 hit, she was thankful for her team as the company was extremely busy. Families realized if everyone was home, more space would be needed.

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“There was a need for extra offices and more space for everyone to be doing their Zoom meetings and Google meets with their teachers.”

Another pandemic perk? Vicky’s Homes are totally turnkey but personalized.

“We will actually go shopping with the clients and make sure all their selections will match together with the flooring and the countertop.”

The shopping and styling in one of her favourite parts.

Now expanding into the Okanagan Valley, Kunjundzic hopes to be an inspiration for women looking to break the glass ceiling.

“I’m very proud to be a woman in a very much male-dominated field.

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“I feel I could perhaps be a role model to other females going into the trades.”

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