Edmonton election 2021: Who won in Métis?

The municipal riding of Métis in Edmonton. Graphic by Cody Coates, Global News

Global News projects Ashley Salvador has won the seat in Métis, representing a new face on council in this east Edmonton ward.

With all polls reporting Tuesday morning, unofficial election results show Salvador received 34.46 per cent of the vote.

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Edmonton’s municipal wards will be redrawn and renamed effective election day Oct. 18. This ward is being renamed Métis (Pronunciation: MAY-TEA).

This ward takes over parts of former wards 7 and 8.

There are 12 candidates running in Métis.

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Here’s a quick look at the candidates running for council in Métis.

Rob Bernshaw

Bernshaw has a focus on unity and says he believes in hard work.

He served in the Canadian Armed Forces and is currently a writer and contributor to the Rat Creek Press.

His platform focuses on protecting green spaces and providing a safe affordable place for people to live.

Bernshaw’s website

Bernshaw’s Facebook page

Abdulhakim Dalel

Dalel is no longer running for city council.

Because Dalel dropped out of the race after the nomination deadline, his name will still be on the ballot on Oct. 18.

Liz John-West

John-West has experience working as the executive director of McDougall House and the program manager of Catholic Social Services of Alberta.

Her platform focuses on living, promises and money.

John-West would like to ensure that there are good opportunities for home-based businesses, that affordable housing is a top priority, and that spending processes balance the current needs with future plans.

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John-West’s website

John-West’s Facebook page

John-West’s Twitter page

Brian Kendrick

Information on Kendrick will be added when it becomes available.

Daniel John Kornak

Information on Kornak will be added when it becomes available.

James Kosowan

Kosowan has two degrees — one in political science and another in secondary education. He’s spent the last 19 years teaching social studies for Edmonton Public Schools.

Kosowan has a number of issues he’d like to focus on, including affordable housing, more accessible public transit and protecting Edmonton’s green and park spaces.

Kosowan’s website

Kosowan’s Facebook page

Kosowan’s Twitter page

Cori Longo

Longo is a working mom who has been a frontline worker as both a registered nurse and postal worker. She is currently an advocate with the Canadian Labour Congress.

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Longo says the past year has been tough on families, due to provincial cuts affecting the city, a city council that “doesn’t seem to get it” and the pandemic.

Her platform focuses on healthy neighbourhoods, strong public services, good jobs and LGBTQ2 and Indigenous equality.

Longo’s website

Longo’s Facebook page

Longo’s Twitter page

Caroline Matthews

Matthews has worked as a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department, a hotel manager in the Nothwest Territories, and an entrepreneur in the United Kingdom.

Now she is the owner of a home-based business, seeking a council spot to represent the area she’s called home since 2009.

Her platform focuses on Edmonton’s economic and social challenges, basic services like roads, transit and safe streets, as well as job creation.

Matthews’ website

Matthews’ Facebook page

Matthews’ Twitter page

Salar Melli

Melli is a local entrepreneur who shifted his fine-dining restaurant to an e-commerce business when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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His platform focuses on tackling homelessness, the environment, celebrating diversity, attracting innovation and supporting marginalized communities.

Melli’s website

Melli’s Facebook page

Melli’s Twitter page

Jim Rickett

Rickett says through his work with Save Gold Bar Park Alliance, he’s been able to coordinate and lead meetings with city councillors and city administration.

He says he’s learned a lot about what is working well for citizens at city hall and what is not.

Rickett says being on council would provide a great opportunity to receive input from residents in the ward and share it with council.

Rickett’s Facebook page

Rickett’s Twitter page

Ashley Salvador

Salvador has a masters degree in urban planning and founded YEGarden Suites, which has driven $15 million worth of investment into mature neighbourhoods.

She has a 20-point platform that focuses on community, growing the local economy, fair and responsible fiscal policy, climate resilience and building effective relationships.

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Salvador’s website

Salvador’s Facebook page

Salvador’s Twitter page

Steven Townsend

Townsend is a small business owner and operator; he opened The Briefing Room on Whyte Avenue in 2012.

His platform focuses on several key issues, including development and housing, the economy, arts and culture, green spaces and the environment, transportation and identity and diversity.

Townsend’s website

Townsend’s Facebook page

Townsend’s Twitter page

In total, 11 people are running for mayor and 74 candidates are running for city council. Eight people are running to become Edmonton Catholic School Board trustees, six of whom have been acclaimed. There are 40 people are running to become Edmonton Public School Board trustees.

Advance voting will take place from Oct. 4 to Oct. 13, including Thanksgiving Monday (Oct. 11).

Election day is Monday, Oct. 18.


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Are you running in Métis? Email Caley Ramsay by clicking on her byline at the top of the story.

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