Longtime Manitoba wedding venue Hitch’N Post to close after 37 years

photo of the Hitch'N Post taken from their website. Sandra Birkner

Andersons Hitch’N Post Ranch owners Kyle and Louise Anderson took to Facebook Live on Wednesday for a very emotional announcement of the closure of their longtime popular wedding venue.

The ranch has been one of Manitoba’s leading venues since 1984 and according to its website, up to 400 Manitobans have shared their nuptials there.

The Andersons said the COVID-19 pandemic is the sole reason they are having to close their doors.

“We can’t handle 16 to 17 months of these lockdowns,” Kyle said.

“These are the consequences of these lockdowns, you guys. You know, 37 years gone, and for what?”

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The owners expressed their anger and devastation with having to shut down their beloved business and shared many tears with their audience.

Louise said 2020 was meant to be a very big year for the business.

“It’s spilled milk we can’t do anything but 2020 was looking to be one of the best years we’ve ever had and we gave everything we had in 2019 to make that happen,” she said.

“It’s pretty deflating when that gets pulled out from under you and when the lockdowns keep happening and they keep moving the goalpost.”

Many Manitobans who got married at the Hitch’N Post shared their devastation of this news in the comments below the video.

“This is such a loss for Manitoba. Such an incredible venue,”  Nicole Rutherford commented.

Comments from the Hitch’N Post live stream. FaceBook

The owners said they have one more season left in them and are still going to end off this year with a bang.


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