‘Diner en Blanc’ takes place in Vancouver

You may remember seeing images last year of a sea of people dressed in white, converging on Jack Poole Plaza to eat dinner outside.

Last year was the first ever “Diner en Blanc” event in Vancouver, and it returned Thursday evening.

It’s the 25th anniversary of the event, held in 40 cities on five different continents. The first event was held in Paris, and that city’s annual dinner now attracts over 15,000 participants.

Up to 2,400 people were expected at the dinner held outside Science World.

12,000 people were reportedly on the wait list for Thursday’s event.

Diners must bring their own meals and drinks, along with their own tables, tablecloths, chairs, and picnic baskets.

Guests had to wear all-white in order to be admitted into the event.

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