‘The perfect marriage’: Montreal couple invents the ‘cookie pie’

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Montreal couple invents new dessert
WATCH: Montreal couple invents new dessert – Jun 13, 2021

If you have a sweet tooth some Montrealers say a new dessert invented by a couple living in the city just might be the treat for you.

It’s called a cookie pie, something most people have probably never heard of.

“You’ve never heard of it because it’s not out there,” laughed Anita Martella, who makes the desserts. “We totally made it up brainstorming with my husband.”

According to Martella, they began toying with the idea in January of making a dessert as a side business, but that they wanted to do something unlike anything already available.

“It’s always donuts, cookies, muffins,” she pointed out. “It’s always the same thing over and over.”

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Through trial-and-error, she managed to create a pie crust made from cookie dough, with a filling of the client’s choice of chocolate bars, like Coffee Crisp, Kitkat, or Mars bar — over 15 choices so far.  She said also uses as a special secret filling.

Now she sells the pies to order through her company, Madame Munchy.

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The pies are hard to resist, according to client Maria Anagnostou, who said she first tasted the cookie pie at a party.

“If you want that moment of having nice rich chocolate but also your favourite chocolate bar and a cookie, it’s like the perfect marriage all in one spot,” she laughed.

New client Shefali Varma, who’s originally from Hyderabad, India, said because of her Indian heritage she’s accustomed to sweets.  Even she claimed to have been won over by this new dessert.

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“I have sweet tooth so I have tried pretty much all kinds of desserts from all over the world,” she pointed out.  “This was different.”

In her opinion, the taste balances well so, though it’s rich, it’s not overwhelming.

“It’s like my best dream coming alive,” she laughed, “because I love chocolate.”

According to Martella, the product is becoming more popular. Since she and her partner launched the product in April, she said she’s now making 10 or more pies at home daily after work, up from 4-6.

“I can’t keep up in my house,” she said laughing. “Now me and my husband rented space at an industrial kitchen,” adding that she may eventually have to quit her day job managing a storage company just to meet demand.

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Healthier versions of your favourite desserts

Anagnostou thinks the reason the product is becoming so popular is the connection it makes with childhood nostalgia.

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“You give Santa Claus cookies, you get your own cookies,” she said. “It’s always been a comforting dessert — just a simple cookie.”

Martella said her next goal is to eventually expand.

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