Habitat for Humanity renovation on Culver Drive opens new home for London family

Jamie, Jennifer and their son Christopher stand in front of their new home on Culver Drive ahead of a virtual ceremony on Wednesday. Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario

A London, Ont., family are now happy homeowners thanks to renovation on Culver Drive that presents a new way of doing things for Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario.

On Wednesday, Jamie, Jennifer and their son Christopher took part in a virtual key ceremony as they moved into their new home.

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While Habitat typically works by creating entirely new builds in the London region for its clients to move into, Wednesday’s move-in was different in that it took place in a pre-existing home.

The home, a semi-detached two-storey house, was donated by the estate of John Joseph Arnold.

“This renovation project represents a new, creative way for Habitat to bring our community together to help families… realize their dream of affordable home ownership here in London,” said Brian Elliot, the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario.

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“It’s also a sustainable and more efficient practice to renovate an existing home that is in great condition and we look forward to doing even more projects like this in the future.”

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The charity organization now has its eyes set on a planned townhouse development for northeast London that aims to bring more affordable housing to the city.

The development would sit on 1697 Highbury Ave N., which is just south of Killarney Road, and would provide 20 units, eight of which are housed in a two-storey building while the rest are housed in a three-storey building.

Habitat has already heard initial concerns for the development that relate to over-intensification, lighting, privacy and noise, parking, traffic impacts, environmental impacts and impacts on private trail usage.

The proposal goes to London’s planning and environment committee on Monday, where some city councillors will have their first chance to debate the development.

A rendering of the planned townhouse development as seen from Highbury Avenue North, just north of the Thames River. City of London

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