‘We’re still looking for answers’: P.A. police erect billboards featuring long-term missing persons

From Calgary to Winnipeg, across the Canadian prairies, over 20 billboards have been erected to shed light on long-term missing persons investigations.

The billboard campaign being run by the Prince Albert Police Service feature the names and faces of nine different missing people in the hope that anyone in the public with any information will come forward, whether the person has been missing for a few years, or a few decades.

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“The families are suffering, it’s a lot of pain that these families are going through,” Prince Albert Police Service Sgt. Kathy Edwardsen said. “They’re victims, they’re children, they’re parents. The people that are missing, it leaves a huge hole in their heart. It’s really difficult for them, it’s hard to have closure until you have some answers.”

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Before commencing with the program, Edwardsen reached out to the families of the missing, all of whom gave the project their blessing.

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“They’re all so happy to have this done, the families don’t want their missing loved ones to be forgotten,” Edwardsen said. “It’s also good for the families to put it out there, and just let people know that we haven’t forgotten about you, we’re still looking for answers and we’re hoping to get something from that.”

She added that even the smallest bit of information could make the biggest difference in helping the investigation, while also giving the families some closure.

Anyone with any information on any of the cases has been asked to contact the Prince Albert Police Service or Crimestoppers.

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