Disgraced Calgary doctor who sexually assaulted dozens of patients denied day and full parole

Eight months into his three-year sentence for sexually assaulting dozens of former patients, a retired Calgary neurologist has been denied day and full parole.

The Parole Board of Canada handed down the decision Friday morning.

“There is an overwhelming lack of insight in your case,” the board said.

“This was very serious offending with serious consequences to the victims and the level of insight is just not there.”

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In Jan. 2020, Keith Hoyte pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 28 female patients over 30 years.

Hoyte appeared before the board via a video link from Bowden Institution.

His defence lawyer Alain Hepner also attended the hearing as his assistant.

Five of the women he assaulted, along with one of their husbands, read victim impact statements.

Each implored the board to deny Hoyte’s release.

“Please consider that I have been living a sentence for the last 16 years; he was given three years,” one victim said. “He’s served just over eight months, I am asking you for three years of his life.”

Another woman said she feels if Hoyte was truly remorseful he would serve his entire “minimal sentence.”

The women spoke of the fear and trauma they live with and said they are skeptical of his remorse.

“My wife and I firmly believe he is, and likely always will be, a manipulative sexual predator,” one victim’s husband told the board.

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“I feel deeply remorseful and horrible after hearing those statements,” Hoyte told the board. “I’m a very introverted, quiet person…deep inside I have a grave sense of remorse.”

Hoyte told board members he didn’t realize his actions were wrong at the time the offences happened.

“It was part of the exam, pushing the breast aside while listening to the heart,” he said, adding it was after he was charged he realized his actions were wrong.

The board inquired if he knew his offences stopped due to his retirement.

Hoyte agreed that was true and admitted that given the opportunity he would have likely continued to offend.

The board also asked if he offended for 30 years or if it was longer.

“30 years,” Hoyte said.

“Every victim who you offended against has come forward?” the board asked.

“As far as I know every victim has come forward,” Hoyte replied.

However, Global News has confirmed multiple victims have gone to police since the conclusion of the previous court case and alleged sexual assault. Sources confirmed the investigation continues.

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Hoyte will continue to serve his sentence. He’s currently in a minimum-security facility.


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