Mother’s Day celebration held for young single moms in Calgary dealing with ‘real trauma’

Click to play video: 'Mother’s Day celebration held in Calgary for young single moms dealing with ‘real trauma’' Mother’s Day celebration held in Calgary for young single moms dealing with ‘real trauma’
WATCH: Families will be showing their love for the moms in their lives in all kinds of ways this weekend. As Gil Tucker shows us, Mother’s Day came early for some young Calgarians Friday, thanks to some people who are there for them through tough times every day of the year. – May 7, 2021

Kaitlyn Healy and her 11-month-old daughter Dakota were enjoying checking out a wagon full of Mother’s Day presents on Friday.

The gifts came from the Highbanks Society, a Calgary agency that’s been providing support for them over the past few months.

“We serve 15 families: moms between the ages of 16 and 24 leaving situations of violence, poverty and homelessness,” the agency’s executive director Krista Flint said.

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The Highbanks Society provides housing and other support for struggling young single moms.

It was tough going for Kaitlyn and Dakota last fall.

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“I was actually couch surfing, with a family member and a few friends, so it was pretty hard, especially with her being so young,” Kaitlyn said.

“It’s tough, being in this pandemic, especially when you can’t go visit family members.”

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And the number of young moms needing help is growing during the COVID-19 crisis, as the support they might normally have been able to count on sometimes isn’t there.

“Some families who may have been able to cope with a young mother and her kiddo living in their home have found it really difficult,” Flint said.

More information, including details on how to donate to the Highbanks Society, is available at

“It’s just hard doing all of this alone,” Kaitlyn said.

“If I’m feeling down, Highbanks is really supportive, and they just know how to lift my spirit up.”

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