Calgary dry cleaning business helps jobseekers having ‘a rough time’ during pandemic

Click to play video: 'Calgary family helps jobseekers having ‘a rough time’ during pandemic'
Calgary family helps jobseekers having ‘a rough time’ during pandemic
WATCH: Looking for work during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a big challenge. Jobseekers in Calgary are now getting some help from a family that really knows the importance of sharing the burden during tough times. Gil Tucker reports. – May 4, 2021

Over the past 15 years running a dry cleaning business in Calgary, Johathan Kim and his son David have come to know how looking good can make you feel good.

“You could feel a lot more confident in a freshly cleaned and pressed outfit, rather than something you’ve had in the closet for a while,” David said.

The Kims, through their four Magic Cleaners locations, are now offering their skills for free during the COVID-19 pandemic to anyone who’s out of work and wanting to a make a good impression in a job interview, online or in-person.

“We personally know a lot of people who are unemployed and they’re going through a rough time,” David said.

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Customers at a strip mall that houses one of the Magic Cleaners operations told Global News Monday that they believe the Kims’ efforts will make a difference for people struggling to find work.

“It’s a great idea,” Diana LeBlanc said. “More people should step up to the plate and help these people that don’t have any jobs.”

“This certainly will give them an opportunity to get something cleaned without having to put out money that they really don’t have,” Kevin Ryan said.

“I mean, it’s been a long time, (with) this COVID going on.”

The spirit of giving is something Jonathan is familiar with from his time serving as a pastor after moving his family to Alberta from South Korea 20 years ago, and he’s eager to lend a hand now.

“This is a hard time, so we’re just getting together, helping others,” Jonathan said. “We like to do that.”

The family has so far helped one man with free cleaning ahead of a job interview.

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“(He’s) working in the oil and gas sector, which is very hard hit right now, so we offered it and (he was) very happy with it,” David said.

The Kims are now hoping others will come forward to take advantage of their offer.

“We’re living together, not just alone,” Jonathan said. “So (we) share with our heart.”

The family says it’s a chance to give back to a country that’s given them so much.

“The opportunity we’ve been presented, we’re so thankful for it,” David said. “It’s important, especially when it’s a tough time, to pay it forward and help our neighbours.”

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