‘Price Is Right’ makes history as 2 contestants win Big Wheel prize on same day

Click to play video: 'Two ‘Price is Right’ contestants win Big Wheel prize on same day' Two ‘Price is Right’ contestants win Big Wheel prize on same day
On Wednesday, two people, in separate spins, won $26,000 each on the Big Wheel during two separate episodes of "The Price is Right" which aired on the same day – Apr 22, 2021

Come on down!

It was a big day on The Price Is Right.

On Wednesday, two people, in separate spins, won $26,000 each on the Big Wheel — something that has never happened in the game show’s history.

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After the first three contestants complete their initial game challenge (and again before the Showcase Showdown), each of them gets two spins on the Big Wheel. The person who gets closest to $1.00 without going over gets to participate in the Showcase Showdown. Of course, the $1.00 spot on the wheel is hard to land on, so contestants are given a prize of $1,000 if they hit it on their first spin, or if they spin a combination that adds up to $1.00. If they hit the $1.00 on their second spin as well, they win $25,000, which is incredibly rare on the show.

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Contestant Kiara Thomas, who was playing on the regular daytime version of Price Is Right, managed to do just that. She spun 20 cents and 80 cents, winning the $1,000 prize. On her earned bonus spin, she landed on $1.00, giving her an additional $25,000.

Later on, in the primetime version of Price Is Right, contestant Jack Zager spun 40 cents and 60 cents to win the $1,000. Then, in a jaw-dropping moment (again), he spun $1.00 and won the $25,000 prize.

In 2017, two people won a Big Wheel jackpot of $35,000 in a single episode special by spinning $1 two times in a row — $10,000 for the first and then $25,000 on their second spins. A third contestant spun $1.00 in their bonus spin, but missed the second $1.00 spin by a mere inch.

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Regardless, it was still historical for the show, as two people winning the same massive jackpot in two separate episodes on the same day has never taken place before.

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Fans were thrilled with the rare wins.

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Thomas went on to win her Showcase Showdown, taking home a brand-new car and a trip to Miami. She ended up with more than $60,000 in prizes. Zager ended up losing his — by a very slim margin — so he’ll have to be happy with his $26,000.

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