St. Catharines man facing charges for ‘ransacking’ 8 cars: police

Don Mitchell / Global News

A Niagara man is facing multiple charges for allegedly “ransacking” eight vehicles in a St. Catharines parking lot early on Monday, according to police.

Investigators say the man was seen by a bystander smashing windows on a number of parked cars just before 2 a.m. near Grantham Avenue and Facer Street.

The vehicles also had items taken from the inside, according to authorities.

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The man was tracked down minutes later after officers spotted him using a flashlight near a Winnifred Avenue home.

The suspect, who had a hammer, screwdriver and the alleged stolen property, provided police with a false name when he was arrested.

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It was later determined by detectives the accused was a 39-year-old from St. Catharines.

The man is facing 20 charges including mischief, theft and trespassing.

Damages to the involved vehicles are estimated to be in excess of $5,000, according to Niagara police.

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