Quebecers can now remove their winter tires but authorities say drivers should be patient

Click to play video: 'Quebecers can now switch over to summer tires but should they?' Quebecers can now switch over to summer tires but should they?
WATCH: As of March 15, Quebec drivers can make the switch back to summer or all-season tires. But as Global's Brayden Jagger Haines reports, authorities are urging motorists to be patient. – Mar 15, 2021

Quebec motorists can make the seasonal tire switch as of Tuesday morning, removing their winter tires from their vehicle in order to install summer or all-season tires.

The use of winter tires is mandatory from Dec. 1 to March 15 in Quebec. 

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The authorities, however, suggest that motorists be patient.

When the outside temperature is 7 C or less, summer and all-season tires provide less road grip than winter tires.

Additionally, although the spring equinox will arrive next Saturday, further snowfall is possible in the coming weeks.

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Eventually, motorists will be asked to remove their winter tires, even if this is not mandatory.

The CAA-Quebec points out that winter tires are made of thermal rubber specially designed to retain its elasticity when the mercury drops.

However, this rubber disintegrates much more quickly under the effect of heat and the risk of the tire bursting increases.

In addition, winter tires are more resistant to the road, which makes driving noisier and increases fuel consumption.

And driving with winter tires in the summer makes evasive manoeuvres difficult in an emergency.

The CAA-Quebec also reports that in the hot season, a vehicle travelling at 100 kilometres per hour in the rain will require a braking distance of 93.8 metres if it is fitted with winter tires, compared to 74.3 metres with all-season tires.

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