Geese take over Vancouver Island beach, shutting down shoreline in heat of summer

Canada’s pesky geese are kicking Vancouver Islanders off a Langford  beach the city just spent about $350,000 on in renovations.

With Canada Geese making frequent visits to the southern shoreline’s Glen Lake, the Vancouver Island Health Authority has posted an advisory, warning families not to swim in the waters.

“Unfortunately … we beautified (Glen Lake) and we made it for families and people to come down, but the birds kind of like it now too,” said Langford mayor Stewart Young. “We’ve got a lot of Canada Geese on this lake especially out here and for whatever reason they like to come to this beach and hang out and do their business.”

The Vancouver Island Health Authority has released the following statement about the droppings-infested shoreline: “If the fecal coliform levels go beyond what is considered safe for human health (more than 200 parts per 100ml), we post an advisory warning against swimming. A high sampling result indicates a higher risk of infection.”

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“You have to be careful when we have this beach advisory that you don’t go in the water, keep your kids out of it,” warned Young.

For now, residents are encouraged to visit a beach on the south end of the lake, but the city is looking for solutions – like fencing –  so the public can use the freshly renovated area.

The health authority is expected to conduct another test next week to see if the advisory can be lifted.

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