August 6, 2013 10:00 pm
Updated: March 30, 2016 2:51 pm

UPDATE: Heroin sold as ecstasy on Kelowna streets

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KELOWNA, B.C. — Kelowna RCMP now say three teens who became ill after ingesting what they thought was ecstasy actually ingested heroin.

The teens were struck with stabbing abdominal pains, chronic vomiting and itching. While they were treated in hospital, their current conditions are unknown.

Cst. Kris Clark, Kelowna RCMP spokesperson says testing has now confirmed the teens unknowingly consumed heroin.

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Cst. Clark confirms the teens who became ill were associates of the 17-year-old Kelowna girl who was found dead Friday morning in her boyfriend’s home. RCMP say foul play is not involved in Marissa Ginter’s death, but what killed her will be investigated by the BC Coroner’s Service.

Ginter’s friends witnessed her buy what she was told was ecstasy. The dealer is said to be a teen on a bike who approached them Thursday night in downtown Kelowna at the Queensway bus loop. The teens told Global news they had warned her the drug in a baggie didn’t look right. Despite the warning, she still inhaled the brown crystals and immediately knew something was wrong.

The BC Coroner Service has yet to release any information about Ginter’s death.

Ginter frequented downtown Kelowna and boasted about drinking, doing drugs and partying on social media.


KELOWNA — More details are being revealed about the death of a 17-year-old Kelowna girl.

Police have yet to confirm what caused her death but Global Okanagan has learned Marissa Ginter passed away in her sleep early Friday morning.

Several of Ginter’s friends say they were with her when she purchased street drugs Thursday night at the Queensway bus loop in downtown Kelowna.

“This was dangerously strong stuff” says one friend, who calls himself “Nuge.”

He says Ginter knew immediately after taking the drug something was wrong.

Another teen with Nuge and Ginter Thursday also bought the tainted drug.

“[I felt] itchy, felt like drowsy, throwing up, felt like I was just sick” he says.

He decided to not fall asleep believing if he did, it would take his life.

The teens say they know the 16-year-old dealer and that he has since fled town.

“The scary thing was through the whole [Center of Gravity] weekend he was just in there selling the rest of [the drugs]” says Nuge.

He warns, “look out for anything that has a slight tinge to it, like a tint, kind of like a tinted brown some of it could have different colours too. ”

Kelowna RCMP issued a warning Friday about tainted drugs circling the city when a group of teens became violently ill after ingesting what they thought was ecstacy.

Police say they will be issuing a press release on the incident Tuesday.

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